St Mary the Virgin


To the south west corner of the village is the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin.

The building was consecrated as a parish church in 1315 A.D., and it has been used for Christian worship, for the teaching of the Gospel and administration of the Sacraments ever since.

The main entrance door may well date back - in part at least to the building of the church. Its inner side bears evidence of parts having been renewed or added - possibly when the chamber above was built. It has an antique lock with a massive key. Together with the mail porch it faces away from the main part of the village. Nevertheless, before the Gloucester - Sharpness Canal was cut, it looked out upon busy scenes. A tidal creek or Pill brought trading vessels to a wharf only a few hundred feet away. There was a tannery and a brick works, with much ferrying of goods back and forth across the river.

Of tremendous interest is the ancient lead Font, it being one of six identical Romanesque fonts surviving in the country. Whilst its origins are not certain the font is older than the present building.



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Dedication 1315

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