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Vehicle Rally





A Parade of Old and Interesting  Vehicles through the Severnside Villages 


It happened on Saturday 1st June


Here are some pictures of the vehicles seen as they are starting off from Arlingham

     DSC_3463  DSC_3468

       DSC_3470   DSC_3472

      DSC_3474   DSC_3475

      DSC_3478   DSC_3480

      DSC_3482   DSC_3483

     DSC_3485   DSC_3486

    DSC_3487   DSC_3490

   DSC_3492   DSC_3494

   DSC_3496  DSC_3498

   DSC_3500  DSC_3502

   DSC_3504  DSC_3506

   DSC_3508  DSC_3510

   DSC_3512  DSC_3513

   DSC_3514  DSC_3516

  DSC_3517   DSC_3518

  DSC_3521  DSC_3523

  DSC_3524  DSC_3526


  After a 30 mile trip they arrived at Frampton on Severn

and they lined up on the Green


You will note that they were all in the categories of old and interesting.

  Pictures supplied by permission of Mr Frank Mitchell

More Photos on the Green

      DSC_0010    DSC_0011


    DSC_0012   DSC_0014

    DSC_0015   DSC_0017

    P1010209   P1010210

     P1010216   P1010223


        P1010219    P1010218

    DSC00490 (640x397) DSC00544 (640x417)

    DSC00506 (640x392)  DSC00510 (640x408)

    DSC00507 (640x396) DSC00543 (640x430)