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Village Society

                                        Frampton Village Society

Frampton Village Society is open to anyone who agrees with its aims:

  • To protect, maintain and improve the Village environment for the good of the community at large and in co-operation with other organisations
  • To offer members a range of suitable events and activities which are consistent and complementary to this.   

Meetings are normally held on the fourth Friday of the month at Frampton Village Hall starting at 7.30 pm.

For any further information, please contact:



Kelvin Broad

 01452 740775



Vice Chairman

Keith Roberts

01452 740498




Paul Bradly

01452 742184




Keith Roberts

01452 740498




Normally on the fourth Friday of the month at Frampton Village Hall starting at 7.30 pm

27th January

Mark Cummings


Waking up Gloucestershire

The life and times of a BBC Local Radio Presenter. Sharing his life and knowledge of Gloucestershire..

24th February


Jean & David Speed

Rosamunds Green

The heart of Frampton. A story of our village

24th March

Arthur Ball

Birds, Tigers and the Taj

Join Arthur on another of his wonderful photgraphic expeditions

28th April

Tony Conder

Gloucester and its Tall Ships

Stories of the Tall Ships both new and old

26th May


David Harrison

Sudbrook and the Severn Tunnel

An insight into another piece of Victorian Engineering on our dorrstep

23rd June


Susan Marshfield

Strange things do happen

An amusing stroll through some of Susan`s events

25th June


Frampton Scarecrow Festival

Annual Festival of the Scarecrow

In conjunction with Framptons Hidden Gardens Event



Tour and Talk at Dunkirk Mill Nailsworth

Followed by a meal at local hostelry

22nd September


Roger Turner


Gertrude Jeckyll and the classic English Garden Style

Initially an artist, she took her painting right into the garden

27th October



    AGM and presentation of the Bill Wood Memorial Trophy

24th November


Clive Field and John Newton


The Stroudwater Canal

Its history and preservation proposals

2nd December


Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner - another evening with, hopefully all the usual joviality

Ann & Martin Presentation
Martin & Ann Presentation

The Village Society Annual General Meeting was held on the 25th November. The Meeting, which was well attended, took a brief look back at the activities and successes of the past year as well as looking forward to the coming year’s Programme, which was formally published on the evening.
Records from the Treasurer highlighted a healthy and thriving Society with an increased membership of 110 and some record attendances having been achieved during the year.
 Apart from Carol Alexander, who was standing down after 12 years serving on the Committee, all of the 2016 Committee members were returned for another year with an open invitation from the Chairman for others to join at any time. The Chairman expressed his appreciation to all of the Committee members who had, over the past year, made significant and active contributions to the running of the Society and its events. An appreciation of all the ‘behind the scenes’ people was also noted.

The Bill Wood Memorial Shield Presentation (which followed the V.S. A.G.M.)
The Bill Wood Memorial shield is awarded to ‘an individual or couple who have made a significant contribution to the Community’. This year the event was hosted by St Mary’s church and the shield was presented by Andy Hodson on their behalf, to Ann and Martin Greaves.  The award was made in recognition for the many years of tireless work that they have put into Frampton even moreso as they don’t even live in the village. Martin is well known for his support to the church being Treasurer, Buildings Committee member and, as we all know, never ending grass cutter. Ann has been involved with the running of the Scout/Guide activities in the village for some 27 years encouraging and nurturing numerous youngsters in that time. She has also quietly been a much valued Pastoral carer. Between them they have also managed to fit in long distance walking and cycling challenges in order to raise many thousands of pounds for various charities.
The couple were presented on the evening with a personal commemorative Certificate and the Bill Wood shield which will remain on permanent display in the Village Hall.

2016 Village Scarecrow Competition

The Results of the competition were

      First:- Last of the Summer Wine

      Second:- Europe - in or out?

      Third:- Fair Rosamund

      Fourth:- Pottering Around.

Scarecrow 1 copy
Scarecrow 2 copy
Scarecrow3 copy
Scarecrow4 copy
Scarecrow5 copy
Scarecrow6 copy
Scarecrow7 copy
Scarecrow8 copy
Scarecrow9 copy
Scarecrow10 copy
Scarecrow11 copy
Scarecrow12 copy
Scarecrow13 copy
Scarecrow14 copy